There have been many exciting social media changes in June, from YouTube’s new Creative Suite being launched and Facebook testing subscription groups for admins. To find out more, below are 10 key pieces of social media news from the month.

1. Facebook removes ‘trending’ section from its news feed (01/06/18)

2. Alert for screenshotting Instagram stories has stopped testing (12/06/18)

3. News and personal content now appearing on top, in Twitter’s redesign (12/06/18)

4. Instagram revealed long-form video after crossing 1 billion monthly active users (20/06/18)

5. 4 recent Pinterest updates you can leverage to improve business presence (20/6/18)

6. YouTube’s new Creative Suite will help marketers create better Ads (20/6/18)

7. Subscription Groups for Facebook Admins is being tested (20/6/18)

8. Facebook is testing new news feed control “Keyword Snooze” (27/06/18)

9. Twitter announced a new range of actions to fight spam (27/06/18)

10. Emoji reactions added to Facebook Stories (28/06/18)

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