April has been a busy month for social media, with the Cambridge Analytica data breach, JD Weatherspoons quitting social media and more. To make sure you’ve not missed a thing, here’s my monthly roundup, sharing 11 important pieces of social media news from the month.

1. Marketers using Custom Audiences on Facebook will be required to confirm they have user consent (04/04/18)

2. Facebook has rewritten its terms of service (04/04/18)

3. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress in relation to the Cambridge Analytica data breach (04/04/18)

4. Facebook announced it will be making changes to how it handles advertisements (06/04/18)

5. Major Facebook Newsfeed changes were announced (08/04/18)

6. Hootsuite explained how Facebook’s struggles could actually be a good thing for brands (13/04/18)

7. Twitter introduced new rules (15/04/18)

8. JD Weatherspoons quit social media (16/04/18)

9. Facebook tried to limit the reach of GDPR (19/04/18)

10. Twitter revealed they had 6 million new users in Q1 2018 (25/04/18)

11. Facebook announced they are planning to introduce a new downvote button (29/04/18)

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(Header photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash)

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