March has been another very busy month for social media. So, to make sure you’ve not missed a thing, here’s my monthly roundup, sharing all the latest social media news from the month.

1. Twitter wants to open up the verification process to all accounts
Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has announced that he would like the coveted blue tick of verification to be available to all Twitter users, not just celebrities. Read more about what this could mean for users here.

2. Facebook is introducing a trip consideration feature
Facebook has launched an exciting marketing tool, helping travel advisers reach people who have shown an intent to purchase a holiday. Read this article to find out more.

3. Twitter takes steps to help combat spam
Twitter has been hounded with spam issues for many years, but they are now clamping down on the spread of fake news and spam, by introducing “enforcement action”. Read the guidelines here to make sure you are not breaking any new rules.

4. You can now shop directly from organic Instagram posts in the UK
Instagram has launched new technology allowing brands to tag products in an image, which will generate a pop-up box with a link to the product landing page. Find out which UK brands are already using it here.

5. Instagram lets you add hashtags and link to other profiles in your bio
There have been some exciting changes to the Instagram bio space, where you can now use hashtags and link to another profile. This will make your bio much more useful.

6. Instagram puts new posts first again on your timeline
In 2016, Instagram changed from a chronological feed, to an algorithmic timeline. But now, they are making changes to ensure newer posts are shown first. Find out why this should make people happier here.

7. Facebook and Cambridge Analytica
Most people are now aware that there has been a “leak” of information from Facebook, but do you understand who Cambridge Analytica are, what they have done, how they do it and what Facebook are doing about it? This article helps to explain the magnitude of the scandal.

8. Twitter bans cryptocurrency ads
Twitter has now joined with Facebook and Google in their stance on banning cryptocurrency adverts and as a result, Bitcoin’s value drops. Is the bubble popping for Bitcoin?

9. Facebook has overhauled its privacy tools and made them easier to access
Suprise, surprise! Facebook have reviewed their privacy settings and made it easier for users to find their privacy tools. This is certainly Facebook’s way to try and regain some trust from its users…

10. Autoplaying video adverts could be coming to LinkedIn soon
Are you a lover or hater of the auto-playing video in your newsfeed on social media? Well, LinkedIn have decided to play catch up and launch this feature on its platform. Take a read of this article to find out more.

11. Timestamp feature rolls out on Twitter for live videos and recorded ones
Twitter has listened to its users and has launched video timestamps. This exciting feature should help to promote discussion, live broadcasting and coverage. It even gives the platform an edge over Facebook.

12. Vero social media app
There’s a new social media platform on the block. Vero is being touted as “revolutionary” and a “game changer” and this article explains why this could be true.

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(Header photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash)

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