It’s been a busy month! To ensure you’ve not missed a thing, here’s the 2nd instalment of my monthly blog series, sharing all the latest social media news, tips, as well as inspirational articles from July.

Social Media News

1. Facebook adds new group insights and features
Facebook is really pushing groups right now and is making lots of exciting changes. Richa Pathak’s article via Social Media Today gives a helpful overview of how Facebook’s new analytics tools and features work.

2. London restaurant offering “foodie Instagram packs”
Instagram marketing has just been taken to the next level by Dirty Bones restaurant in Soho, London. The newly opened restaurant offers its customers a free Instagram kit to help them create picture-perfect shareable content.

3. New Instagram retargeting options added
Have you ever wanted to retarget ads to people who’ve interacted with you on Instagram? Well, this feature is finally being rolled out to the public. Take a look at this article to find out more, or visit the “Audiences” tab in Facebook Business Manager to get started.

4. The EU wants to make it illegal for employers to snoop on your social media feeds
It’s common knowledge that employers often take a look at an applicants’ social media profiles. But now, the EU has said that they want to make this process illegal. What do you think? Would you be happy for employers to see your public social media accounts, or do you agree that it should be banned?

5. New startup looking to rival LinkedIn
It’s fair to assume that when you think of jobs and social media, you probably think of LinkedIn. However, that could al be set to change, especially for millennials. Jack Parsons has founded a new site called Yourfeed, which is planning to benefit young workers who have less experience in the workplace.

6. LinkedIn now allows native video
LinkedIn is definitely upping its game against rival social media platforms. Its latest update sees the introduction of native auto-paying video via its app.

7. Businesses Pages can now create and manage Facebook Groups
Do you find it frustrating that you can only use Facebook Groups as an individual and not as a brand? Well, Facebook has just changed this with its latest update which allows Business Pages to now create and manage Facebook Groups!

8. LinkedIn now allows you to add multiple photos
Unlike many other social networks, LinkedIn has only ever allowed you to add one image to a post. This is fine in most instances, but do you ever want to just add more? Well the great news is, LinkedIn’s latest update now allows you to add multiple images to a single post.

Social Media Tips

1. How to get customer service on Twitter just right
Twitter is increasingly a place where customers go to leave their feedback, both good and bad. It’s therefore important to make sure your customer service is up to scratch. This article shares 5 tips to help you get it right, along with 8 companies to look towards for inspiration.

2. 4 ways to improve your Pinterest engagement for better traffic generation
This article shares some fantastic tips to help you improve your Pinterest profile and get more traffic to your website.

3. 7 tips for creating great LinkedIn showcase pages
Is your business making the most of LinkedIn showcase pages? They’re perfect for brands with multiple products and services. This article explains what they are and how you can really make them work for your business.

4. How to run a sponsored Instagram contest
Have you considered partnering with a sponsor when running an Instagram contest? To find out more about how this can benefit your business, take a look at this article by Ana Gotter. There’s also 5 simple steps you can follow, to help get started.

5. 10 social media mistakes and how to avoid them
Are you worried about making social media mistakes? It’s always useful to read posts like this one from Alfred Lua, to find out some of the common mistakes made and how you can avoid making them.

6. Is social media engagement really the best metric to track?
If your business is 100% focussed on measuring engagement, then you might find this article from Mark Schaefer an interesting read.

7. How to convert blogs into videos
Would you like to know how you can easily convert your blog post or news article into a video? This article shows that it only takes a few quick steps…

8. 7 tips for crafting an effective social media strategy
Having a social media strategy for your business is really important, but creating one can seem a little daunting. It doesn’t have to be though… These tips from Jessie Moore can help.

9. Discover LinkedIn Calendar sync
Did you know that you can sync your calendar with LinkedIn? Not only will you never miss a meeting again, you can also easily view the profiles of the people that you’re meeting with!

10. 11 Facebook metrics to track
Many businesses make the mistake of being active on social media, but not monitoring their performance. This means you can’t see if your efforts are actually paying off. In this article, Dominique Jackson shares 11 Facebook metrics that you should start tracking.

11. How to improve the security of your social media profiles
It’s important to be security conscious with your social media, even if you think nobody would want to hack your accounts.

12. 9 tips to improve your organic growth on Facebook
It can be difficult to grow your presence on Facebook organically, but certainly not impossible! Jenn Chen shares 9 tips that your business could try.

13. How to lower the cost of your Facebook ads
Do you worry that you’ll spend all your Facebook advertising budget, but not get the results you’re looking for? Well, this article by Ana Gotter explains how you can make your money go further whilst still getting results.

14. How long should a video on a native video platform be?
Have you ever wondered how long your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube videos should be? Worry no longer! This handy infographic from Clifford Chi explains everything you need to know.

15. What you need to know about your Facebook cover video
If you’ve not already tried out the new Facebook cover video feature, what’s stopping you? This article from Social Media Today explains how to upload your cover video and shares some best practices to consider too.

16. How to make sure your Facebook Page follows Facebook’s terms
Does your Facebook Page comply with Facebook’s terms? It may be in your best interest to take a few minutes to read Sarah Kornblet’s advice in this article.

17. 10 tips to help you become a better blogger
If your blog isn’t getting you big enough results, don’t give up! Give these 10 tips from Amy Wright a try.

18. How you can verify your Facebook Business Page
Do you ever look at a Facebook Page and wonder how they got that little blue or grey verification tick next to their name? In this article, Nathan Mendenhall explains how you can begin the process of verifying your own Facebook Page.


1. Richard Branson’s 10 top tips for success
This month, I found Richard Branson’s ‘My top 10 tips for success’ blog a very inspiring read and I therefore thought I’d share it here on my blog. The tips can apply to everyone, whether you’re just starting out in your own business, or working for a large corporation.

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