January has been a busy month for social media. Therefore, to ensure you’ve not missed a thing, here’s my monthly roundup, sharing all the latest social media news, tips, as well as inspirational items from the month.

Social Media News

1. Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook News Feed changes
The biggest news from Facebook in January was the major changes being made to its News Feed. In this post, Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, explains they are changing their goal from helping you “find relevant content” to helping you “have more meaningful social interactions”.

2. Rupert Murdoch’s solution to fixing Facebook
Could Rupert Murdoch have a workable solution for businesses using the News Feed in Facebook? This article looks at Murdoch’s proposed solution in light of the announcement about changes to the News Feed.

3. GIFs have arrived on Instagram!
Discover how GIFS can be used on Instagram and also how you can decorate your photos with emoji-themed GIF stickers.

4. You can finally schedule posts for Instagram
New changes to Instagram finally allow you to schedule posts in advance! This article from Hubspot explores how you should use this new feature to your advantage.

Social Media Tips

1. Using Instagram Stories for your business
Does your business use Instagram Stories? In this article, Hootsuite’s Social Media Coordinator, Christine Colling, shares some great tips for using Instagram stories to boost engagement and build an audience.

2. The dos and don’ts of tailoring your videos for different social platforms
Video has proved to be not just a flash in the pan trend. In fact, it is fast replacing written and static content. This article by Evelyn Timson, Managing Director of a UK Video Production Agency, explores the dos and don’ts of tailoring video to specific social media channels to ensure you utilise it effectively.

3. How to come up with your next blog content ideas
Struggling to come up with ideas for your blog posts? Ensuring your content remains relevant and informative can be hard work. However, this useful infographic created by Red Website Design provides 16 content ideas that may help to inspire your writing.

4. 9 steps to better content
Content writing is an essential part of online marketing and this article by John Jantsch provides 9 excellent steps to help you create more effective content. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to improve in this area.

5. What do the Facebook News Feed changes mean for brands?
Facebook’s News Feed changes: apocalypse or breath of fresh air? Our Social Times takes a closer look at what these changes mean and how you can embrace them.

6. How you can prepare for Facebook’s News Feed changes
Has the recent announcement about changes to the Facebook News Feed filled you with dread? Digital Branding Institute have put together 5 steps you can take to prepare for the changes.

7. How to use Facebook’s News Feed changes to drive more authentic engagement
How are Facebook’s News Feed changes going to affect Marketers now that the focus will be on friends and family? Here’s another article, this time from Hubspot, looking at the potential issues and explaining how Marketers could use these changes as an opportunity to drive more authentic engagement.

8. 10 tips to help you use Instagram to its full potential
Are you not convinced you’re using Instagram to its full potential in your social media marketing? Take a look at this article from TNW, which shares 10 excellent tips to engage with your customers via Instagram.

9. 20 top social media tools you need to try
There are over 5,000 tools in the marketplace to help with social media marketing, so how on earth do you decide which ones are the best ones to use? Thankfully, Buffer have done the work for us and shared the top 20 tools you should consider using in 2018.

10. How you can use Instagram to drive sales
Have you explored using Instagram to sell products yet? Neil Patel has put together this excellent blog explaining why and how you should start selling products on Instagram in 2018.

11. Discover why it’s time for you to use Buyable Pins on Pinterest
Did you know that the average order by Pinterest users is $50? Neil Patel explains why you can’t afford not to be selling your products on Pinterest and why you should start using Buyable Pins now.

12. Tips to help you get your marketing ready for Valentine’s Day
Digital Marketing Agency, Croud, share their tips in this blog post for how you should prepare your online marketing strategy ahead of Valentine’s Day.

13. Tips, tricks, hacks and features to follow on YouTube
Are you guilty of forgetting about YouTube in your social media strategy? This article from Hubspot is a good reminder as to why you should use it and shares some great tips and tricks to help you get started again.

14. 8 tips to create an effective YouTube strategy
Here are 8 great tips from Econsultancy to ensure you have an effective strategy for using YouTube as part of your social media marketing mix.

15. Follow these 5 tips to use Facebook advertising effectively in 2018
The battle against the decline in organic reach on Facebook is real for a lot of people. To help, this article from Buffer provides 5 great tips for using Facebook Ads effectively.

16. 7 ridiculous social media myths you need to ignore
Social media is no longer the new kid on the block and yet there are still a lot of myths out there about social media. Social Hire acts as the “myth buster” in this interesting article.

17. 226 essential social media definitions
Brandjacking. Canoe Tweet. Dark Social. Are you up-to-date with your social media slang? If not, then the Hootsuite Social Media Glossary will be a valuable resource for you.

18. How to pump up your Facebook ads with the Power Editor
If you haven’t used Facebook’s Power Editor yet then this article from Neil Patel will explain why you should start using it ASAP.

Social Media Stats Header

Social Media Stats

1. 2018 Digital Yearbook Report
Hootsuite and We Are Social have launched their 2018 Global Digital suite of reports! This article provides a handy summary of some of the most interesting facts and also shares the complete SlideShare for those of you looking to delve deeper into the details.

2. The State of Social 2018 Report
Looking for even more data and interested to know what’s coming up next in the world of social media? This State of Social 2018 report from Buffer is an article that you need to read.

3. The State of Video Marketing in 2018 Report
Wyzowl have published the results of their 4th State of Video Marketing Survey and this article from Hubspot shares some useful stats. 2018 is the year that LinkedIn will fly and Snapchat as a marketing platform is floundering – read on to find out more.

4. The State of Video Marketing in 2018 Infographic
Breadnbeyond have created a great infographic on The State of Video Marketing in 2018. It shows that the growth of video is going to carry on, as users continue to consume bitesize content.


1. Inspirational words from Ed Goodman…
I regularly read Ed’s inspirational tweets and so here are a selection of some of those that stood out to me in January:

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