In June, there have been some excellent social media articles shared across the web, packed full of helpful resources, from a guide on how to get more comments on your Facebook posts, through to advice on how to use Instagram’s shoppable posts. So you don’t need to trawl through the Internet yourself, simply take a look below, where I have summarised 23 of my favourite resource blogs from June.

Facebook Resources

Facebook Logo

1. Hootsuite share 23 Facebook tools for you to try, for analytics, ads and much more

2. Here’s how you can get more comments on your Facebook posts

3. HubSpot takes a closer look at why Facebook is removing their ‘trending’ section


Instagram Resources

Instagram Logo

4. Discover how you can optimise your Instagram profile for business

5. Read these tips to help you write a great Instagram bio

6. Discover how to use hashtags on Instagram for maximum effect

7. This article shares 6 tools that can help you schedule your Instagram business posts

8. Follow these steps to get verified on Instagram

9. Discover some ways your business could be using Instagram Collections

10. Find out how the Instagram algorithm works

11. Drive leads on Instagram with this helpful guide

12. Learn how you can use Instagram’s shoppable posts

13. Find out about Instagram’s action buttons and discover how to add them to your business profile


Twitter Resources

Twitter Logo

14. Follow these strategies to help get more Twitter followers


LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn Logo

15. Hootsuite explains how you can optimise your LinkedIn Company Page


Blog Resources

16. Discover how to write more effective blog titles

17. Make your blog posts more scannable with these 10 tips


General Social Media Resources

General Social Media Logos

18. Improve your social media with the help of this 25-step checklist

19. Here’s a handy infographic with all the social media image sizes you need to know

20. Learn what personas are and why they are important to your content creation

21. Discover how polls can be an effective part of your social media strategy

22. Find out how employee advocacy can enhance your brand marketing

23. New to social media analytics? Here’s a guide you should take a look at


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