This month, there have been some excellent social media articles shared across the web, packed full of helpful resources, from a guide on how to use Twitter effectively and learn from big businesses like Disney, through to advice on how to utilise Facebook Messenger widgets on your website. So you don’t need to trawl through the Internet yourself, simply take a look below, where I have summarised 21 of my favourite resource blogs from May.

Facebook Resources

Facebook Logo

1. Learn how to add a Facebook Messenger widget to your website

2. Read these tips to help target web visitors with Facebook Custom Audiences

3. Buffer takes a look at what Facebook may look like in the next 5, 10, 15+ years

4. Discover this step-by-step guide for setting up Facebook Ads with Business Manager

5. Here’s some excellent advice on how to make the best Facebook Cover Photo

Instagram Resources

Instagram Logo

6. Discover how to create a top performing post on Instagram thanks to Hootsuite

Twitter Resources

Twitter Logo

7. Read my very own guide to using Twitter for business, which is packed full of hints and tips for every level of ability

8. Here are 8 free Twitter tools I believe every brand should consider using

9. In this blog, I share 3 successful Twitter campaigns that you can learn from

Pinterest Resources

10. Read on for some excellent guidance on how to use Pinterest as part of your social media plan

11. Shopify has carried out some interesting research into how Pinterest drives online commerce

Blog Resources

12. Take a look at these 7 tips to help improve your blogging strategy

13. Hubspot has created this great step-by-step guide to blogging

General Social Media Resources

General Social Media Logos

14. Hootsuite explores whether social media impacts SEO

15. Take a look at how you can motivate employees to share branded content

16. Here’s a handy beginner’s guide to using Google Analytics for social media

17. Here are some excellent tips to help you find relevant content for your posting plan

18. Hootsuite shares what it’s learnt from its top performing social videos in 2018

19. Find out how to use social media to promote your event effectively

20. Discover what GDPR means for your social media marketing

21. Read this article for some useful hints and tips for brainstorming social media content ideas

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