Have you missed any of the latest social media news this week? Here’s the 2nd edition of my new weekly blog series, sharing a collection of the biggest stories in social media, along with interesting guides and information to help you develop your businesses social media activities:

What’s new on social media?
There has been a lot happening on social media. Here are some of the key snippets to pay attention to:

  1. YouTube launches new TV service
    Hitting back at Facebook, YouTube announced that people watch a billion hours of content on YouTube every single day. However, they also used this opportunity to launch their new TV service, YouTube TV. This is a subscription service that will enable you to stream live and recorded shows to a YouTube TV site and mobile app.
  2. Facebook make changes to their Messages tab
    Do you struggle to keep up with all of your social media notifications? Facebook are now rolling out a new Page inbox, which will help teams manage Messenger messages, Facebook posts as well as Instagram comments, all in one centralised hub.
  3. Instagram Stories ads are now available to all businesses
    Have you tried the new Instagram Stories ads yet? Whilst this feature was initially only available to a test group of 30 partners, it has now been rolled out to all brands to use.
  4. Twitter ramps up abuse controls
    To help combat abuse, Twitter is now allowing users to automatically block anonymous trolls from their timelines. This includes accounts without profile pictures, unverified email addresses and phone numbers.

Interesting articles to read
Here is a collection of interesting articles I came across last week. I tweeted about them, but in case you missed them, click on the links below:

  1. Twitter launched their March calendar
    Twitter launched their March calendar last week. Take a look at it now to see some of the key dates coming up this month, which you could work into your marketing campaigns.
  2. How Facebook Reactions are performing 1 year on
    To mark the 1 year anniversary of Reactions, Facebook has released new data on how they are used. Not only do we know that Reactions have been used 300 billion times since launch, Facebook has also revealed which Reactions are the most popular.
  3. 28 free image resources
    Do you struggle to find good quality, free images for your website and blog? Julie Chomiak shares 28 image resources worth taking a look at.
  4. Why social media is the most important marketing channel
    If you’re just getting started on social media, this infographic from Ucraft is a great reference point, with some interesting stats about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Something to think about…
This week, I’d like to leave you with a quote from Social Media Guide, Freelance Mentor, Founder and Author, Ed Goodman:

For more updates on latest news and interesting social media articles, follow me on Twitter (@Liz_Harmon) and follow my blog.


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