With so many social media developments, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with them all! I’m therefore excited to start a new weekly blog series, sharing the latest news and interesting articles.

What’s new on social media?
There were lots of exciting developments last week on social media. Here are some of the key changes to pay attention to:

    1. YouTube to ditch 30-second unskippable ads
      Google have confirmed that from 2018, YouTube will no longer support long unskippable ads, in favour of shorter ‘skippables’.
    2. New job posting feature on Facebook
      In case you missed this, Facebook is rolling out new job posting options for Pages. This will start with businesses in the USA, but expect them to be rolled out worldwide soon!
    3. Facebook videos to automatically play
      Whether you like it or not, Facebook is making their newsfeed a lot noisier. They will be rolling out a new feature that makes videos automatically play sound as users scroll past.
    4. Twitter bringing personalisation to direct messages
      An exciting move by Twitter is to help businesses connect with customers in a more personal way. Whilst many businesses currently add a customer service agents initials to the end of DMs, they’ll no longer need to, with the introduction of custom profiles.
    5. Instagram introducing albums
      Ever taken some photos but couldn’t decide which one to share? Instagram now lets you add up to 10 photos and 10 videos, all within a single post.

Interesting articles to read
Here is a collection of interesting articles I came across last week. I tweeted about them, but in case you missed them, click on the links below:

    1. Do you allow direct messages from anyone on Twitter? Annaliese Henwood explains how this can help. Find out more via Social Media Today.
    2. If you’ve not tried Instagram Stories yet, look at this complete guide from Kendall Walters, via Hootsuite.
    3. Looking for ways to optimise your videos across different social media channels? Here is some great advice from Christina Newberry, via Hootsuite.

Something to think about…
Whilst this isn’t strictly social media related, I thought I’d leave you with something thought-provoking from the world of tech. Bill Gates has recently come forward to say that a robot tax should be introduced. With robots increasingly changing the workforce, this could mean any robots that take people’s jobs, would be required to pay taxes. What do you think of his suggestion?

For more updates on latest news and interesting social media articles, follow me on Twitter (@Liz_Harmon) and follow my blog.


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