As many of you will know, I love Pinterest! It’s the perfect tool to use to organise your ideas, whether its delicious recipes you’d like to try at a later point, or to create private boards where you can pin gift ideas throughout the year.

Well now, Pinterest have added an even more exciting feature, ‘Place Pins’! This allows users to add the location of their pin, perfect for those planning a trip.

To see some examples, click here. To set this up for yourself, its simple. You can create as a new board, or edit an existing one. To create a new board with the location functionality, make sure you change ‘map’ to ‘yes’:

Setting up Pinterest Locations

You will then be able to search for locations and ‘Pin’ images that appear:

New Pinterest Location Board

If you already have a travel board, which you’d like to change into this new style, simply ‘edit’ the board, and change ‘add map?’ to ‘yes’. When you then return to your board, you will need to go into each of your pins and add a location.

Unfortunately, if you ‘re-pin’ someone’s item which hasn’t been already been set as a location, you have to pin it, then return to your board and add its location for it to display correctly on your map. However, this is only because it is a new feature, and once more and more people add locations, this will become easier and quicker to use.

So what do you think of this new feature? Is it something that you’ll try out? Leave your feedback in the comments box below.

Image Source: Screenshots taken from Pinterest Website.


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