It’s sad to read so many articles about people being bullied on social networks. With the openness of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it seems that they are prone places for people to throw about their insults…

Fearne Cotton was recently publicly bullied via the site, for her choice of Baby name. Adele has also had a number of hurtful comments, but not only that, she received death threats via these sites! The saddest report though is of 15-year-old Amanda, who killed herself after continued bullying via social media.

Once something that took place in the playground, is now a much larger issue. NSPCC say smartphones are to blame, with apps increasing bullying and abuse and in France, the country’s Minister of Women’s Rights say that micro-blogs must start censoring hate speech. Even people using the sites can see there are issues, with 68% of teens agreeing that cyberbullying is a serious problem.

Should there be better rules in place to stop online bullying? Twitter does have their own ‘Abusive Behaviour’ Rules, however is this good enough? What about a death threat, surely this is beyond Twitter itself and should be dealt with at a higher level?

How do you think online bullying should be approached? Let me know in the comments box below!


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