RunAppHave you managed to keep your ‘Get Fit’ New Year’s Resolutions past the end of January? I’ve never really been a fitness person, that was until I joined a local Boot Camp group last summer. But I do find it hard to stay motivated for the rest of the week and have found that technology can be a great help, to keep track of fitness and keep up with those goals! Although listening to music is perfect during a work-out, there are some great apps out there that can be really helpful to make you want to exercise, whilst keeping track of your sessions and eating habits. Our phones are practically attached to our hands 24/7 anyway, so what better all-in-one tool to use to help us!

Here are my top 2 health & fitness apps:

  1. RunKeeper – Great for tracking where you have run, showing the distances, your speed, calories burnt and even allows you to simply post it to Facebook once you’ve done, so your friends can see it and give you encouragement! You can set goals and work-out plans too. Plus it’s free!
  2. MyFitnessPal – This app is a food diary, so you can track what you have eaten over time, how many calories you have had and you can also set goals. I found this app quite fun, as although you can manually search for a product by typing its name, you can also simply scan the bar code! A fun way to track what you’re eating each day and the types of food!

Have you found any helpful apps to kick-start a healthy New Year?

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Image Source: Run Keeper


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