DisneyAnimatedGIFonTwitterI know in September 2012, Twitter banned all new animated images to their site. However, you do still have to admit, that for accounts that use them, whether you like them or not, they are very eye-catching!

With social media becoming increasingly competitive, you want to stand out from the crowd and when doing a search on Twitter, if your profile picture is moving, you catch my attention!

Very few accounts would have an animated image now, after Twitter’s changes, but I recently came across @DisneyMoviesUK which instantly made me click on it to see what it was promoting!

I know that last year, @Burberry got a lot of press as well, when they debuted their catwalk collection via animated GIFs on Twitter, with great results too!

So although Twitter has now stopped this feature, I’m sure these forward thinking companies will come up with clever new ways to stand out from all the other chatter on social media! But, it also shows that you have to be able to quickly adapt to situations, be one step ahead and always be thinking about the next thing to try, as otherwise, you might get left behind, or like in this case, the rules change before you even get there!

What do you think of animated GIFs on Twitter? Or have you seen any companies stand out via social media recently? Let me know in the comments box below!

Image Source: Screenshot from Disney Movies UK Twitter Account


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