I have written a couple of blogs before about how technology makes us unsociable and that children would prefer to stay inside on the computer than go outside and play with friends. But, in the last few days, a blanket of white seems to have changed everything!

I regularly go for a walk through our local park and will see a couple of dog walkers. However, this weekend, it was great to see the park full of adults and children, all laughing, chatting, sledging and having fun playing together in the snow. It’s funny how we find it difficult to step away from technology, yet with the excitement of snow, we can pull ourselves away from our computers, phones, TV’s and Playstation’s without a second thought. Plus, we actually enjoy getting outside in the fresh air and even talk to other people around us, face-to-face!

Did you get outside and enjoy the snow this weekend?

People in the Snow


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