With better access to communication than ever before, many people will read the title of this blog and say it is obviously untrue… However, do you think it is possible that we could be getting more and more captivated by technology, to the stage where we could be unintentionally unsociable?

Have you ever turned down a night out with your friends and spent it at home on Facebook? Have you gone out with your mates, but been checking your phone the whole time, tweeting, texting or updating your Facebook status? With our love of our personal computers, mobile phones, the Internet and Social Media sites, this is becoming an increasingly common scenario. Are we turning into a reclusive community who would prefer (and feel more comfortable) to talk via ‘the cloud’, than spending quality time with these people, face-to-face?

I am not denying the benefits of technology for communication, for example, it has been able to help break down geographical boundaries, allowing us to be connected to people globally, 24/7. However, although we can see what our friends and family are getting up to on their holiday or even their gap year, are we using the technology solely for this purpose?  Or, are we conveniantly using it to communicate with people who live just down the road, instead of going out and meeting in person? Some may ask, “Why is this a problem?”, but will this mean that in the future, we will all just talk via computers and not have any face-to-face interactions?

Original reports were around children, stating that they were spending more time on computers and not outside playing with friends, or spending quality family time, where they can gain and develop invaluable interpersonal skills. However, have we overlooked ourselves in this?

So, what do you think? Although technology helps us to become more connected, does it also make us unsociable? Will this problem get worse and in the future, will we all lead single lives and only communicate via technology, rather than face-to-face? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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