mobile-ararm-failThe recurring issues with iPhone alarms got me thinking about our heavy reliance on technology. But our alarms are just a tiny proportion of the technology we use each day. So imagine all of this, just stopped working. Could you manage without it?

How many times do we all use technology, each day? It is becoming difficult to count! From waking up and switching your alarm off, to checking your phone. You might be listening to music on an iPod/mp3 player, or be checking your emails on a laptop. You may even be playing on your PlayStation or Wii!

I remember getting my first computer. There were very few reasons for me to use it, other than for Solitaire! But jump ahead 11 years and I now use it most of my day, for finding out information, talking to people and for creating reports, which once used to be done using pen and paper.

Then there is my mobile. Originally, it was for emergencies, texting and playing on snake… But 9 years on, it is my alarm, calculator, camera, diary, address book and a whole host of other things now it can access the internet anywhere at any time.

So what happens if it all stops working? With the Apple Alarm problems, 1000’s of people were outraged by it. To me, this shows just how reliant we are on technology and I wonder if this is a good thing?

In our increasingly busy lives, I do enjoy being able to switch everything off, sit down and read a book. On holiday, I love that I can not check my emails or Facebook messages because my laptop is 1000’s of miles away. However, I worry that our dependence will become worse, with the need to be connected at all times increasing, with the moments for us to just ‘switch off’ becoming few and far between.

So for now, I am going to shut my computer down and try to switch off more often. Maybe we should all try giving up technology, for a day, the weekend and at least our holiday! Maybe it will make us all happier, more relaxed and appreciate of these technologies when we do need to use them?


4 thoughts on “A Day Without Technology

  1. I am very much delighted to read about a day without technology. when i was searching some kind of stuff on google that what happened if technology stopped working so i found your blog which has given me immense pleasure to know about the topic about you have written.

  2. We use technology today because we are far better off than not using it at all. Technology has reduced our need for hard physical labor and tedious routine mental labor. Technology helps us become more productive, more comfortable and safer in most cases. In other cases, a good tool makes our tasks become so abstract that we forget how to perform them the old fashion way. Everything is being done behind the scenes and because of this; we are forgetting how to function without them. When a tool breaks down, we are stuck until someone can come and fix it. Not being able to work or function without the tool can lead to money loss, injury or even death for some people. Today, people are becoming more and more dependent on our tools, such as cell phones, computers and even word processers. Some would argue that this is making society stupid while others say it’s just making us lazy. I would argue, from my own personal experience, that I have reduced my intellectual potential by becoming so dependent on most of our technology today, that I sometimes feel stupid without this aid.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I do agree that we can sometimes feel stupid with out it, I mean how many times a day do we all say ‘I’ll Google it’, however, we could also argue that with the Internet, we have access to so much more knowledge than ever before that we learn so much more than we ever would have when we just used books to find out information…

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