I was recently asked what sites I use to get most of my social media information and knowledge. As technology is constantly changing and evolving, if this is an area you are interested in, I think reading related articles on a regular basis is very important. To help with this, I use Google Reader everyday, which I have set up with numerous feeds, from sites such as BBC Technology, Brand Republic, Marketing Week, Pew, Soshable and Technorati. However there are three specific sites, which I enjoy the most.

So, I thought I would share these with you here:

    1. SimplyZesty:This site is my favourite for social media. Simply Zesty is an Online PR and Social Media agency in Dublin and provides services such as online monitoring, social media campaigns, training, video production, web apps and design help. Their employees write around 4 blog posts per day, providing interesting articles, data and competitions. I would definitely recommend following them, for tips on how to grow your company using social media tools.
    2. Mashable: Many of you probably use this site yourselves. Although its primary focus is social media news, it provides lots of information on various other topics, including technology & gadgets, business & marketing, video, mobile and start-ups. The site has a large reader base, with 13 million monthly unique visitors and in 2009, was noted by Time Magazine as one of the top 25 best blogs!

    3. NewMediaAge:This site is dedicated to interactive media, providing news, analysis and opinions. It concentrates on the business opportunities that are created by emerging technologies, so is a must read by businesses of all levels of technological ability.

What sites do you use to keep up-to-date with technology? Please leave a comment below! I would love to read your feedback!

Thank you, Elizabeth Harmon.

Image Source: Simply Zesty, Mashable and New Media Age Logo’s all from their websites.


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