With the recent launch of Google+, this got me thinking about how large a part social media plays within our lives. From having only one account (Bebo), to 2011, where I am signed up to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, Foursquare, Flickr, Storify, Quora… and now Goolge+ has come along! Can we really manage to sign up to another network?

Social media has spiralled from a fun way to occasionally talk to friends, to almost an addiction for some. We want to be online checking these sites all the time, making sure we don’t miss out on any piece of information and news, even whilst on the move. Updating these tools already takes up a considerable amount of time; messaging, adding pictures, adding videos, writing blogs, checking in to locations… It is therefore unsurprising that a recent study found that “one in three are overwhelmed by new technology”.

Can we make room for one more? Giving up an existing account would make more time for us to use Google+ for example, but is this as easy as it sounds? Could you give up Facebook, or Twitter? I know I would find it difficult.

Does this mean that in the future, we could all be members of hundreds of social media sites? Or will networks like Facebook incorporate functionality from others, so we only have one place to check? Facebook have just integrated Skype into its site, so hopefully they are moving towards the latter.

In the mean time, there are always free tools which help you manage all of your social media profiles. Here are some suggestions:

So, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of your social media accounts? And what do you hope will be the future of Social Media?

Image Source: Logo from Google+ Website.


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