It has been almost four years now since the Nintendo Wii was launched; a very unique concept, and something that no other games company had explored. Sales of the Wii took off, with more units sold in the U.S. during the first half of 2007, than the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined. Nintendo took the Wii to another level in 2008 with the Wii Fit. This changed the way people looked at gaming, showing how it can also be used for fitness as well as fun.

Although the Wii has been enjoyable to play, with very few developments (other than the Wii Remote plus) or top-selling games, is Nintendo Wii set to fall behind rivals Microsoft and Sony? Or will they launch a Wii2, to jump back into the game? According to Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo’s American executive Vice President of sales and marketing, “there is no new hardware coming out anytime soon“.

Wii has strong competition, with the PlayStation Move, which recently launched. It is also up against Microsoft who will shortly be bringing out their Xbox 360 Kinect, which is another brand new concept for gaming. Kinect, which is a “webcam-style add-on peripheral” for the Xbox 360 console, will be available to buy on 10th November this year, and provides full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition and voice recognition capabilities. Your body movements get picked up by its sensor, so you act as the controller. This means no more expensive remote controls, which run out of power midway through playing.

This new technology looks fun, and different. It will be interesting to see what comes out next. But with more and more interactive and realistic games such as football, will this stop people from going outside and playing “real” sport, where they get to interact with “real” people? Could this be an effect of better video games?

What do you think of this new technology? Are you temped to try it out?


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