‘Brand Tone of Voice Online’ was another excellent seminar that I attended at the Internet World show in April. Catherine Toole (CEO of Sticky Content Ltd) gave a very interesting  presentation on the importance of having a clear Brand tone of voice throughout your online content. Here are some of the key points I got from this presentation:

  • It is important to produce thorough guidelines which clearly show your company’s tone of voice. These should be very clear and concise. Do’s and don’ts which are a great way to distinguish between what you feel is on and off company brand. Training is a key way of making sure employees understand and correctly use your tone of voice in company content.
  • A question often asked is how do you stay on brand whilst using important keywords? It can sometimes be difficult, but there are clever ways you can get around this. You could use a searched optimised title, with body text which incorporates your brand tone of voice. One of the examples used was ‘Cheap Home Insurance’. This is optimised for what people are searching for, but is it on brand to associate your company with being cheap? In this situation, the solution was to turn it into a question, this way it can be on brand, whilst staying optimised: ‘Looking for cheap car insurance?’.
  • A common misconception is that a company should have a different tone of voice for each of their various audiences. Instead, your tone of voice should stay the same across everyone, but the content and level of detail for each should differ slightly.
  • Text is not the only medium which should be on brand, tone of voice can be incorporated into your emails, fax’s, your ‘Contact Us’ page, Social Media and even images  – “A picture is worth 1000 words”.
    Did anyone else see Catherine’s great Seminar at Internet World?
    Thank you for reading, Elizabeth Harmon.

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