Many people believe that the Internet has ‘corrupted’ the written word, sayings its demise is ‘imminent’. Our lives are now becoming a series of quick, abbreviated posts. We can easily squeeze meaningful messages into only 140 characters, so why should we bother writing anything more?

Many say Twitter is to blame. But haven’t they just provided us with a tool, adapted to our hectic lifestyles? Many of us don’t have the time to write a blog, so Twitter is a solution, to send and receive information, quickly.

But it doesn’t just stop at blogging. What about books? For this, I take a different stance. Yes, books do use trees (although an eReader needs electricity), and no, you can’t read them in the dark (where as an eReader you can), but I find it relaxing to sit down and read a good book, where you can escape and get away from all the daily stresses. I don’t want to have to stare at another form of computer screen like I do for the rest of my day… Which do you prefer?

Craig Mod provides a different side to the story. I find his response interesting, and although a lot of his points are true, I find it sad and hard to accept that one day, we could be saying goodbye to the printed book. We are still a long way off, but technology is constantly amazing us all, like with Apple’s new iPad. So could there be an end to books as we know them?

Is the written word dead? I hope not.

Thank you. Elizabeth Harmon.


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