I couldn’t help laughing to myself when I read an article:

10 signs you’ve taken social networking TOO FAR

Everyone uses Social Media now-a-days. To talk to friends, to let people know what you’re doing, putting up photos from the weekend, and just to find interesting articles, but how much time do we all spend on it every day? 10, 20, 30 minutes? I know I can spend even longer… And I do wonder – What could I have managed to get done instead?

The problem is, Social Media is everywhere! You can access it at any time of the day through devices that you carry around in your pocket. And whether you’re checking your emails, or buying something on-line, there’s sure to be a button saying ‘tweet this’ or ‘follow us on facebook’.

From Bebo, to MySpace, Social Media has spiralled to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, where now people have multiple accounts to check each day!

Will we get like the people from this video, or is this already the case for some?…

I also really enjoyed reading Niall Harbison’s blog post on ‘Are You A Social Media/Internet Addict?’ who clearly explains that from using Social Media, there is soo much information about us, out there on the web. This information is then used by the companies, who track our every click, so they can target us more effectively and encourage us to spend even longer on their sites, which in turn makes them even more profit.

Do you think Social Media is, or will become a problem for some people? And would you consider trying to limit the amount of time you spend using these sites…


5 thoughts on “Addicted to Social Media

  1. That video is hysterical! I definitely think some people have problems with social media addiction! I think it’s important to make a plan and stick to it.

    If you’re using social media for marketing and getting your brand and business out there, it’s important to establish: how much, when, what, and who will be doing the tweeting, blogging, etc. If you can stick to a plan, you can curtail your social media cravings. Personal use is another story!

    1. Agreed. You definately need a plan of how to go about using Social Media, rather than just pottering around using it all day and wasting your time. Need a structured approach, deciding what needs updating, when and how often. But yeah, personal use is another story. 😀 Although, I am attempting to use the same approach… I spend way too much time using it at home. I’m sure I could be doing more productive things with my time… I know people who have given it up for lent though in the past… I’m really not sure I could manage that though… (thats bad isnt it…?!?!) 🙂

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