It’s getting close to Christmas, and there’s always a huge pressure to look good, especially because you’ve just bought a new sparkly dress which you need to try and squeeze yourself into for a party that’s rapidly approaching. So, this year, you’ve guessed it! I joined the gym, to lose a bit of weight before all that eating starts!

My first workout, I turned up, after a long day at work, in grey jogging bottoms and a black, and hopefully slightly slimming t-shirt. I rush over to the treadmill, which looked simple enough. After haphazardly pressing a few buttons, it doesn’t start. I continue for a minute or so, but starting to feel everyone’s eyes on me, I press everything! Still nothing, so before people start to notice my reddening face, I scurry over to the cross-trainers.

After eventually getting going and relaxing, looking around it is quite a site! My eye is caught by someone with huge silver earrings, immaculate clothes, French manicure, topped up makeup, bracelet, and a fresh coat of lip gloss. I’m distracted suddenly, as a girl turns up next to me with a handbag, and places it delicately next her…

I start to feel a bit out-of-place, and couldn’t wait to get out of there! For something that started off as a good idea, has now already turned into something where I make excuses why not to go…

But now I’m glad I only got a month membership, to ‘see how it goes’! and was not persuaded into going for a year! – Friends (Chandler – I want to quit the gym!)


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