There are so many fantastic articles available online, with lots of tips and tricks to help make your social media accounts stand out from the crowd and work more effectively. But if you don’t have the time to trawl through millions of articles, here are a selection of some of my favourite social media resources that I came across during April.

Facebook Resources

Facebook Logo

1. Find out why you should use Facebook Instant Articles

2. Find out what a Facebook Pixel is

3. Here’s an up-to-date list of Facebook ad sizes and specs

4. Discover how to host a Facebook Watch Party in your Facebook Group

5. Discover how to get started with Facebook Business Manager

Instagram Resources

Instagram Logo

6. Discover how to use Instagram Type Mode in Instagram Stories

7. Here’s a complete guide to Instagram hashtags

8. Find out the best ways to promote your local business on Instagram

9. Discover why you should switch to an Instagram Business Profile (and how to get started)

LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn Logo

10. View this complete guide to LinkedIn Pulse

General Social Media Resources

General Social Media Logos

11. Here are some of the best ways to respond to online reviews

12. Here’s how to find your tone of voice for social media

13. Discover how to republish your old blogs

14. Take a look at these social media predictions for 2020

15. See which emojis can increase your click-through rates

16. Find out how to develop employee advocacy

17. Find out how to market effectively to different age demographics

18. Here are 6 effective elements you should add to your social media strategy

19. Learn about the user demographics for every major social media network

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