When you find time to sit down and write social media content, do you struggle to know what to really say exactly? It can be hard staring at a blank page, or a completely empty posting plan. We’ve all been there.

To help you when writer’s block kicks in, here are 12 fail-proof social media content ideas for any business:

1. Product or services

This is an obvious one. You should use your social media accounts to post about your products and services. However, remember that only 20% of content should be promotional and the other 80% should be non-promotional.


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These work for practically anything. It’s easy to find quotes that are humorous, inspirational or motivational. Spend a little time using tools such as Canva to make them into quote cards, watermarked with your company logo for added oomph.

3. Behind the scenes

Post photos of your office, details of a new product design, pictures of parcels arriving or being sent out to customers. Show what life is really like in your business.


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4. Relevant news or data

Follow news stories that are relevant to your industry, and share anything that would be interesting to your customers.

5. Blog posts

Don’t forget to share your blog posts with your audience. You don’t need to exclusively share new content either. If you have an older post that’s still relevant, you can share that too!

6. Ask questions

You can ask your audience for feedback on a new product design or packaging, or you could even ask people how they use your product. Don’t forget that on Twitter, you can create Twitter polls, which are a nice and easy way to get people engaged.

7. Share relevant content from external sources

If you share other people’s social media content, they are more likely to share yours, so this can work in both of your favours. Search for content from industry experts and interesting publications.

8. Lifestyle posts

Take some time to really think about the wider picture. Consider the sort of lifestyle your customers have. Are they sporty? Do they spend a lot of time reading? Do they love funny jokes? Use this information to create posts that they would find interesting. It doesn’t need to be promotional, but it should still have some relevance back to your business where possible.

9. Customer photos or testimonials

Ask your customers to share photos of themselves using your products. You can then share these via your social media accounts and encourage more people to join in. You could even turn it into a fun competition, with the best, or funniest photo winning a prize. Don’t forget to check the promotional guidelines for the particular social channel first though, before running a contest.

10. Repost old social media content

If you posted something on a Monday morning at 9 am, it’s safe to say that probably at least 50% of your audience did not see it. There is nothing wrong with waiting a couple of weeks and re-posting it on a Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm for example, to try and reach an entirely different audience. This is especially true on Twitter, where a Tweet has a very short lifespan. However, whilst the link can remain the same, I’d always recommend editing the post text and changing the image where possible.

11. Talk about your journey

Every business has a unique journey, and audiences are interested in these. Where did you come from, what made you start your company, what did the first prototype look like and what mistakes did you make that others can learn from?

12. Charitable causes

Are you doing anything in your office for charity? Is one of your employees doing a sponsored bike ride, or is everyone getting excited for Movember? Use this opportunity to share content around your activities. Not only does it show that your business is supporting good causes, it can also add a personal side to your business, which customers often like.

Once you get going with these above tips, you will find that you come up with even more ideas. Keep an eye on how people respond to your posts, and use their responses to inform your next posts. Before you know it, you’ll be regularly posting interesting and engaging content across all of your social media accounts. If you’re still struggling with social media content ideas for your business though and would like some personalised advice, get in touch.

Do you have any more social media content ideas that are not included here? Leave your suggestions below, or tweet me @Liz_Harmon.

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